Munsoft Online Training: Schedule for March 2021

Dear client,

Munsoft Training is offering an opportunity for clients to familiarise themselves with new features and enhancements that have been implemented during the 7.3.3 release.
Each module or a part of the module, relevant to the new features/enhancements will be revised, explaining in detail how the new features work.

Please take note below of the courses that run over 2 days and all days must be attended. 
Training is from 09h00 via Zoom.

Course Date Time  Cost (Excl. VAT)
Release 7,3,3 - Income Modules 04-Mar-21 09h00-12h00  R              750
Release 7,3,3 - Bank Recon, Petty Cash & Cash Book 04-Mar-21 13h00-16h00  R              750
Release 7,3,3 - Expenditure Modules 05-Mar-21 09h00-12h00  R              750
Stores 11-Mar-21 09h00-13h00  R              750
Contract Management 12-Mar-21 09h00-13h00  R              750
Registers 18-19-Mar-21 09h00-13h00  R           1 500
Projects Payments 25-Mar-21 09h00-13h00  R              750
Bank Recon 26-Mar-21 09h00-13h00  R              750

Click here to download the complete PDF version of the March 2021 Training Schedule. 

We would appreciate it if you could circulate this training information within your organisation.

For more details regarding Munsoft training visit or e-mail [email protected] for bookings.
Kind Regards
Munsoft Training

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