Munsoft Matters: Invitation: Virtual 2020/21 Year End Closure/AFS Workshop


Dear Sir/Madam,
Invitation: Virtual 2020/21 Year-End Closure/AFS Workshop
To:                          Chief Financial Officers
Required:              Compilers of AFS
                                Key Munsoft users/operators
                                Consultants appointed by Municipality to prepare AFS
Munsoft hereby cordially invites you to attend the Year-End Closure/Annual Financial Statements (AFS) Workshop for 2020/21 financial period to be hosted virtually by Munsoft.
Workshop Objectives
The workshop seeks to achieve the following:

  • Overview of the various modules within the Munsoft system.
  • Review the performance of the FMS for the 2019/20 financial period per module.
  • Demonstration of the journal import, and common mistakes made by end-user.
  • Explain the flow of opening balances and the relevant reports.
  • Demonstrate how to identify each module’s Control Account segments.
  • Highlight key features/enhancements to be released.
Who should attend the workshop?
  • The compilers/preparers of the Annual Financial statements
  • Consultants appointed by the municipality to prepare AFS
  • Key municipal official(s) involved in the Year-End Closure
  • Key municipal officials responsible for the relevant modules in the Munsoft system
Kindly refer to the attachment for the programme, schedule, booking information, and further details.
Please note that special arrangements will be made with clients who have joined us during the current financial year.
Please contact your Service Delivery Manager for further enquiries.
Yours sincerely,

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