Munsoft Software Release Cycle Changes

We want to inform our clients and other stakeholders that we have made changes that impact the planned 7.2.10 release, and we will be moving to a quarterly release cycle from June 2020 onwards.

For version 7.2.10 (Our last monthly release)
We combined to the May and June 2020 releases into version 7.2.10. This release is in preparation of the municipal financial year-end and includes a whole host of features, procedures and enhancements to aid our clients with this activity.

We will communicate more on this specific release in its release notes in June.

For version 7.3.1 and beyond (Our new quarterly releases)
At Munsoft, our software development is an ever-evolving process, as we moved to a monthly release cycle in mid-June 2017 to allow Munsoft to respond to the initial and additional demands of the mSCOA reform and to rapidly further enhance our system in line with RT25 requirements. Since then, we have had a steady stream of monthly releases that build on the financial management systems features and stability. 

Through client consultation and internal evaluation, Munsoft now feels that our system, with its current feature set, is mature enough for us to move on to a quarterly release cycle that's informed by the MFMA calendar dates, legislative requirements and significant client features. These planned quarterly releases will start from the next (2020/21) municipal financial year, with the release of version 7.3.1 followed by 7.3.2, 7.3.3 and 7.3.4.

Advantages of the quarterly releases will be that the Munsoft team spends less time on release management and more time on planning, development and testing of a new version. We will also be able to speed up requests for more significant and complex system features, which was not possible under the monthly release cycle.

The benefit to our clients will be a more stable financial management system at the municipality due to fewer potential maintenance interruptions and leading to further productivity benefits. Quarterly releases should also ease the compliance and operations load and allow for more time between releases for end-users to get accustomed to the system, procedures and interface.

We believe that quarterly releases will allow us to better plan, execute and test our financial system, leading to a better solution for our clients.

We want to extend a big thank you to all our clients for their continued feedback, guidance, knowledge sharing and in helping us to evolve our financial system into the leading solution that it is. We appreciate and share your enthusiasm for our products and will continue to give it our all.

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