Munsoft Software Release 7.2.8

Dear Client,

Munsoft version 7.2.8 will consist of new enhancements.

We will be introducing Multiple Stores functionality together with enhancements on Fixed Assets that includes the recording of insurance details.

Additional components in the Contract Management module includes documentation uploads and the allocation of milestones.

Within the Fixed Assets module, Revaluation and Prior Period transactions are underway in release 7.2.9, as it is undergoing stringent quality assurance and testing due to the complexity and sensitivity of these transactions.

We are going to change the method slightly in order to limit the impact of the Maintenance module on current Fixed Assets users.

Current Fixed Assets users:  Minimise the risk of possible data change with appropriate consultation and a project plan in place.

Non-Fixed Assets users:  Align current Asset Register according to the proposed categorisation.

Munsoft Asset Register will require the following asset fields (defining Infrastructure up to the Component Type):

  • Accounting Group
  • Valuation Model
  • Sub – Accounting Group
  • Asset Class
  • Asset Group
  • Asset Type
  • Component Type

Opposed to current categorisation:

  • Asset type (which will be changed to Accounting Group)
  • Asset Category

If you have any queries, please contact your Service Delivery Manager.

Kind Regards


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