Munsoft Software Release 7.2.8

Dear Client,

Munsoft release 7.2.8 will include significant new features.


  • The module will provide for CIDMS Components up to the Sub Component type.  This is to allow for improved reporting and maintenance scheduling.
  • A Revaluation model will soon be available.
  • Additional fields for insurance details to be recorded.


  • Milestones and Performance Indicators will be added.
  • Contract documents can be recorded within the system.


  • Multiple Stores will be introduced.
  • A Stock Take will be performed per store location.


  • New Payment Schedule will be available for easy reconciliations between an actual budget allocated and the detailed schedule.

To make provision for all the new features, intensive testing and additional quality assurance checks are still in process.

Release 7.2.8 will be released from 16 March 2020, in accordance with the release schedule.

If you have any  queries, please contact your Service Delivery Manager for assistance.



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