Munsoft Menu Module

Dear Client,

With the implementation of Munsoft version 7.2.1 we introduced a number of changes to improve the integrity and stability of the Munsoft Menu module.

During the last 6 months we have been experiencing inconsistencies within the Menu module, which unfortunately caused a negative experience for certain users within the Munsoft user community.

This necessitated the changes in the ageing Menu module in order to address new requirements and address the issues experienced regarding to the system integrity and stability.

We are aware of the issues experienced by some of your users with the migration of user access rights to the new menu structures within Munsoft 7.2.1.

We have identified the cause and we are in the process of developing a patch to address these issues.

We will liaise directly with the relevant parties within your organisation regarding the readiness and implementation of the patch.

The functionality within the patch will provide Munsoft Administrators with a detailed discrepancy report and the ability to remediate the specific User’s access privileges where required.

We humbly apologise for the disruption and inconvenience caused and appreciate your understanding and assistance in this regard. As Munsoft we are committed to the continuous improvement of the

Munsoft product to provide a better experience for all your users and we will continue to focus on issues such as these going forward.



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