Munsoft Software Release 7.0.7 Releases


The Munsoft 7.0.7 release contains many changes to address issues experienced, as well as additional
optimisations and enhancements to address the performance of the system.
Changes are affected across various Munsoft modules and require changes within the Munsoft Oracle database.
The 7.0.7 release also signals the beginning of the planned monthly release cycle as specified within Munsoft
Release Policy.


The following issues are addressed within the Munsoft 7.0.7 release.


[MUN-17] Additional index to enhance pre-paid vending processing performance
[MUN-35] Sundry Register enhancements to cater for specific facility hiring
[MUN-36] [Stylesheet] Virement Authorisation
[MUN-48] Include the Login Message Menu Item so that the user can execute the report
[MUN-49] Changed Financial History Table
[MUN-50] Part Payments Enhancement
[MUN-51] Changed Update to add a vote
[MUN-52] New creditors exports functionality for the banks
[MUN-53] Changes to stores issue inquiry
[MUN-54] Changes to procurement enquiry
[MUN-55] Changed all procurement requisition programs
[MUN-56] Align the Sebata import with the required changes
[MUN-57] Handover documents enhancements
[MUN-58] Enhancements to the hall deposit capture & refund process
[MUN-59] Consumers Control Report by Account
[MUN-60] Transactions Report
[MUN-61] Enhancements to the store & fuel issues print
[MUN-62] Levy Control to Excel totals not aligned properly
[MUN-63] Ageing Summary on Consumer and Sundry Debtors
[MUN-64] Enhancement on Consumer Month end process
[MUN-65] Enhancement on Statement Notes to allow capturing more information
[MUN-66] Debit/Credit note authorisation
[MUN-67] Debit/Credit note transaction modification
[MUN-68] Enhancement on Meter Menu
[MUN-69] Rates Recon Report – Monthly Summary
[MUN-71] Enhancement on Sundry Debtor Debit/Credit note screen
[MUN-72] Enhancement on Consumer Swap Transaction to allow the selections on Owner and Occupier account numbers
[MUN-73] Enhancement on Consumer Transactions Extract to include the tariff scale seq for each transaction
[MUN-74] Sundry Debtor Payment Transfer
[MUN-75] Consumer Enquiries Search Screen
[MUN-76] Write Off Import and authorisation screen
[MUN-77] Enhancement to the consumer meter extract functionality to provide additional information
[MUN-78] Enhancement to the payment report to provide additional information for settled VAT transactions
[MUN-80] mSCOA verification update - allow to compare to a scoa version
[MUN-81] Actuals report - add summary and new options
[MUN-82] Budget History extract - add scoa version column
[MUN-83] Balance Sheet budgeting for adjustments
[MUN-84] Enhancement to the recalculate trial balance functionality to allow a company to be specified
[MUN-85] Fix Regional guid from default to whole Municipality
[MUN-86] Year end - opening balance guid updates into new year
[MUN-87] Vote history report - convert to scoa
[MUN-88] Add previous Average cost on product detail table
[MUN-89] Repeating journal - allow for delete and on hold
[MUN-90] Project payments budget check on before Vat amounts
[MUN-91] Open balance journal enhancement
[MUN-92] Budget Recalculations
[MUN-93] Project payments Add new fields on search
[MUN-94] Average Costing on Stock and Fuel Issue
[MUN-98] Financial control verification enhancements specific to Stores & Inventory module
[MUN-102] Housing adjustment enhancements
[MUN-103] Password reset audit report enhancements
[MUN-116] Repeating Journals
[MUN-118] Debtors ageing report & Treasury uploads
[MUN-119] Creditors Ageing National Treasury Upload
[MUN-121] Disable Prior Period Transactions
[MUN-123] Discount on Payments
[MUN-125] Pre-Paid Interface (Ontec)
[MUN-127] 3rd Party fuel import functionality
[MUN-131] Asset Enhancement - Add Facility Name
[MUN-142] RNLM - Pensioner rebate reversal adjustment
[MUN-200] Adjustment Report - Filter on CONSUM quick code
[MUN-507] Consumer Adjustment Summary Report
[MUN-43] Create an additional read-only Oracle user for assisting with support related issues


All changes contained within the Munsoft 7.0.7 release are applicable to the Munsoft Server environment and
no changes will be made, or are required on the Munsoft client installation.


The Munsoft 7.0.7 release will be rolled out across Munsoft sites from 25 October. Each site will receive a
confirmation of the rollout once we have completed the process. The Munsoft release version is visible on the
Login screen.

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