Verification of Budget Information 2019/20

Dear Client,

The Munsoft Team is committed to the mSCOA reform and we are pleased to confirm our Reporting Reference Forum with the National Treasury on 4 October 2019 was fruitful.

The main topic discussed was the Verification of Budget Data strings with Schedules.

The most recent Verifications from the Provincial Treasuries involved 2019/20 Final Budget.

The amount of differences identified showed a major improvement from previous verifications, and the remaining differences were mostly limited to schedules A6, A7, A9 and is due to:

  • mSCOA segment interpretation differences on the schedules that were highlighted and communicated to the National Treasury and Provincial Treasury; or
  • Manual budget adjustments made on short notice prior to council sittings, where the changes and balance sheet budgeting were not done per system vendor requirements.   

In the Reporting Reference Forum, it was documented that data string alignment per Schedules A6 Balance Sheet, A7 Cash Flow Statement and A9 Capital Expenditure will be standardised within a Vendor working group to be held in the near future.

Alignment will be re-tested once the principles per Schedules A6, A7 and A9 deliver consistent outcomes.

Munsoft will take part in this working group to ensure the principles of Schedules A6, A7 and A9 are clear and in compliance with mSCOA, and takes all scenarios into account that is relevant to our clients.

Thank you for your cooperation in this process.

If you have any  queries, please contact your Service Delivery Manager for assistance.



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