Validation of Monthly Uploads to National Treasury

Munsoft is currently addressing the validation errors experienced with regards to the Monthly data string uploads to National Treasury in a consultative process with our clients to remediate the Stage 1 and Stage 2 validation errors.

 Stage 1 errors vary and are addressed on a case by case basis as they apply to the information within your Munsoft system. The resolution of Stage 1 validation errors is conducted in a collaborative process with your direct assistance where required.

 The following guidelines as provided by National Treasury are guiding the process of remediating Stage 2 errors: “In terms of the mSCOA Regulation, a municipality must close a month on the financial system at month-end and corrections to the closed month can therefore only be done in the next month.  E.g. corrections in month 1 will be effected in month 2.  Therefore, in order to ensure that M01 to M06 have been submitted successfully, the data string for M07 to correct any errors in M06 must also be successfully submitted by 28 February 2018”

 Stage 2 validation errors are described within a discrepancy report and we will advise our clients on the course of action required to fix these errors in terms of the validation rules applicable to Stage 2 validation.

 As you are aware all changes within Munsoft are captured to the system audit trail and as such any changes made during this process are recorded for future reference should it be required. All invalid segments have been blocked to prevent journals from being passed against them. All other solutions applied to issues encountered causing validation errors are applied to the Munsoft software to further ensure data integrity and compliance with legislative requirements.

 Thank you in advance for your understanding and your cooperation during this process. As Munsoft we are committed to assisting our clients in meeting the deadline as set out by National Treasury of 28 February 2018. Further information is this regard will be made available shortly.



If you have any queries, please contact your Service Delivery Manager.

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