The Director's Desk : Munsoft Module Adoption and Usage

Dear CFO

CC: MM and ICT

The Munsoft solution consists of various modules to aid your municipality with its different business processes such as General Ledger, Costing, Cash Book, Budget, IDP, Supply Chain, Procurement, Consumer Debtors, Sundry Debtors, Creditors, Assets (Fixed and Moveable), Stores, Cashiers, Valuation Roll, Supervisor, User Profile,  and Various registers (Bonds, Loans, Investments and Sundry). 

We are continually working to improve the various modules and sub-systems to aid your organisation and to drive towards compliance, consistency, efficiency and simplicity. 

One of the primary objectives of the mSCOA reform was to ensure that all transacting was happening through the system, which the Munsoft solution does. Also, from a reporting perspective, note that National Treasury will be looking at both the financial and non-financial uploads and this means it is essential to ensure that you can submit your data strings. Thus, adoption and usage are crucial. 

We encourage you to review your organisation's adoption of the modules to further ensure your success. The configuration of modules resides with the municipality. We aid you through the following channels:

1. Provision of manuals and online course material, which will assist personnel with the setup and configuration of modules. We have attached various manuals to this communication. These manuals will be available on the online training platform, Munsoft Academy ( N.B. Please go to the website to download Sundry Register Manual 7 v2 and Fixed Assets Manual 7.0.12 v1, each of the manuals are above 2mb by size and could not be attached to this e-mail.


2. Training is offered to assist the municipality's personnel through our training centre and a comprehensive list of courses. Attending the training ensures that the     personnel will gain the required knowledge, skills and system experience to be able to operate the system and modules independently of Munsoft.

3. Support is available to guide your staff through the setup process. Support generally does not include the capturing, correction or sourcing of data, and the focus is on ensuring the system/module works and is available to the municipality for the organisation to capture and maintain their data.

4. Some modules will need data, formulas or rules to be captured, sourced, created or corrected. We can assist by providing a quotation for initiating a project to complete such required work if the internal client capacity and skill set is not sufficient to complete the task at hand using the provided guidelines.

5. Munsoft will be refreshing the Munsoft dashboard to show module adoption and usage. This visibility will further assist your organisation with a holistic view around module adoption and usage.

If you have any queries, please contact your Service Delivery Manager for assistance:

Mr. P. Mpuzi [email protected] 

Mr. S. Mkhwanazi [email protected] 

Mr. N. Nondzaba [email protected] 

Mr. C. Mpono [email protected] 

Mr. S. Kadanyo [email protected]

Ms. D. Masemola [email protected]

If you require assistance with a quotation for training or project setup around Module Usage & Adoption please send an e-mail to [email protected] and CC your service delivery manager.

Kind Regards,

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