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Dear Client,
Munsoft operates in the municipal space and understands the challenges that municipalities face to achieve long-term financial sustainability. Over the past couple of years, we've been actively looking for solutions to assist municipalities to effectively manage their revenue.
Many municipalities do not have a clear view of the accuracy and completeness of their billing data, thereby resulting in an inevitable loss of revenue. The latest Regulations and MFMA Budget Circular 93 and 99 has stressed the importance of valuation roll reconciliations as well as protecting the revenue base of the municipalities. The use of innovative solutions to manage revenue effectively from anywhere was a challenge in the past.
Munsoft Spatial is the culmination of three decades of work and experience, and it is a tool that:

  • Enables a municipality to spatially view and interrogate the financial information relating to billing, in order to identify inaccuracies and omissions. This view will inevitably allow the Municipality the ability to make necessary corrections.
  • Enables a municipality to reconcile the external valuation roll to the deeds office, Surveyor-General, and municipal system data.

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Our Business Development Managers in conjunction with your Service Delivery Manager will make contact with you to discuss this solution in greater detail. You are also welcome to contact [email protected] or your SDM in the meantime.

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