Munsoft Software Release 7.3.3 Preview


Dear Client, 

We wish to remind you of Munsoft Release 7.3.3 which will be available in March 2021, to accommodate the new A1S NT upload requirements as specified in Budget Circular 107 (4 December 2020).
Here are a few other exciting features to look forward to:

  • Budgeting
    • A Costing Allocation screen to assist with creating a Costing Journal to ensure corresponding internal Recoveries & Charges.
  • Fixed Assets
    • Current Replacement Cost values, serving as the basis for forecasting maintenance cost on assets.
  • Consumer Debtors
    • Water Inventory allocations.
  • Investments
    • Accrued Interest.
  • Bank Recon
    • Major enhancements emphasising user-friendly functionality.
  • General
    • Delegations and user authorisation levels per department.

If you have any further queries regarding the version 7.3.3 release, contact your Service Delivery Manager.

Munsoft Team

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