Munsoft Software Release 7.3.2 (Second Quarterly Release 20/21 FY)


Dear Client, 

Munsoft Release 7.3.2 introduces a collection of new features such as our new Fixed Assets module with expanding capabilities and functionalities together
with the new Procurement Plan.
Enhancements have been made across various modules, to accommodate Feature Requests, general Operational Requirements and to comply to
Circular-specific guidelines.
Please find the release notes attached, for your reference.
The release schedule for 7.3.2 as follows:
Group 1:  12 November 2020
Group 2:  16 November 2020
Group 3:  17 November 2020
Group 4:  18 November 2020
Group 5:  Alternate date to be confirmed (if applicable)

Our Service Delivery Managers will contact each Municipality to schedule and confirm their update, as per usual. Feel free to discuss changes with them.

Click here to download the complete PDF version of the below documents: 
Munsoft 7.3.2 Release Notes

If you have any further queries regarding version 7.3.2 release, contact your Service Delivery Manager.

Munsoft Team

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