Dear Munsoft Client,
As the 2021/22 Adjustments Budget are being completed and due at the end of February 2022, it is imperative to ensure the budget is funded from realistically anticipated revenues to be collected to comply with Section 18 of the MFMA.
It is therefore that Munsoft would like to remind all municipalities to compare the valuation roll data to that of the billing system to ensure that revenue anticipated from property rates are realistic.
This reconciliation should be undertaken quarterly and the reconciliation for quarter 2 is due on 14 February 2022.
Municipalities are requested to submit the following information to the National Treasury:

  • A copy of the approved current General Valuation Roll of the municipality;
  • A copy of the approved Supplementary Valuation Roll of the municipality;
  • An extract from the financial system showing the property rates information (preferably in excel);
    • This document is available on the Munsoft Spatial Module
  • The detail of the reconciliation between the GVR and the financial system illustrating the variances; and
  • The proposed process to rectify the variances.

The above information must be submitted on a CD or USB to the National Treasury, for attention:
For couriered documents
Ms Linda Kruger
National Treasury
40 Church Square
Pretoria, 0002
For posted documents
Ms Linda Kruger
National Treasury
Private Bag X115
Pretoria, 0001
For any queries or assistance please contact [email protected] or alternatively contact your Service Delivery Manager and we will gladly assist.
Kind Regards,

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