Dear Munsoft Client,
We are aware that National and Provincial Treasuries are performing extensive reviews of the 2021/22 Draft and Final Budgets submitted and identified a few areas that is of concern, and what municipalities should pay special attention to before locking the 2021/22 Final Budget on the system.
The communication National Treasury issued regarding these areas is attached for easy reference and the areas can be summarised as follow:

  • Balance sheet budgeting and Cash Flow Budgeting
  • Opening balances used in the Final Budget
  • Budgeting for Debt Impairment
  • Accounting for Water Inventory
  • Funded budget assessments

Munsoft would like to remind all municipalities to ensure these common areas are reported on accurately and that all relevant reviews communicated via Treasury are taken into account when completing or updating the 2012/22 Final Budget.
Please remember when submitting the 2021/22 Final Budget to Treasury, municipalities are no longer expected to submit hard copies of all required documents including budget-related, Integrated Development Plan, Service Delivery Budget and Implementation Plan, Annual Financial Statements, and Annual Reports to National Treasury via post or courier services.
Electronic copies must be submitted in pdf format to the LG Upload portal or [email protected]
The patch to mSCOA Chart 6.5 accommodating the new operational grant for Programme and Project Preparation Support to Metropolitan municipalities is also updated on the 6.5 Chart available on the system.
More detail regarding the patch can be found attached.
If your municipality is in need of assistance with completing the 2021/22 Final Budget or seek assistance in reporting in the applicable formats please contact your respective Service Delivery Manager and we will gladly assist.

Patch released for mSCOA vs 6.5 on 26 March 2021 

Guidance on submission of ORGB Data strings_Communication_08062021.pdf

Inventory presentation June 2021.pptx

Kind Regards,
Munsoft Team

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