Munsoft Matters: IMPORTANT: Source of Funding Setup

Dear Client,
It has come to our attention that many of our clients still have Revenue Quick Codes that are not linked to a Source of Funding.
This has a major impact on the Cashflow reporting/accurate Schedule C uploads.
As previously communicated, relevant Revenue Quick Codes on the 6.5 chart must be funded.
Please refer to the attached ‘Quick Code Info’ document, extracted from the Year End manual, to assist with the process of linking the Source of Funding.

Quick Code Info.pdf
We would also like to emphasise the following when the SCM/Procurement process is followed to acquire Stock/Inventory items.
Previously the default segment was the Stores Control segment (automatically selected).  This segment field has been opened up for selection, also for the purpose of selecting the correct Funding item.  The valid Stores Control item for the required part is still the default on the selection list, but with the intention of selecting the correct Funding item.  Selecting Non-funding is no longer permitted.
In the case where budgeting has not been aligned with spending, the Budget Check on Inventory can be removed, which will mean that a funded segment still has to be selected, but there will not be a check for budget available.  Making use of this option may result in overspending and is done so at own risk.
(Supervisor > Parameters > Global > System Controls > Budget Check on vote Types > Uncheck Inventory)
An Operational Support Analyst will be in contact with each client.  If assistance is needed, feel free to speak to them.
Kind regards,

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