Munsoft Matters: No system date change for year-end.

Dear Client,
Please see below the information concerning the changing of the server date.
The change in functionality relating to this was communicated in the 7.2.10 Release Notes which was shared in June 2020.
Extract from 7.2.10 Release Notes:
‘Utilities’ - The option to change the system date and time has been disabled. Changes to accommodate specific dates for Receipts, Bank Recon, etc. have been implemented.
Reasons why this change was necessary:
  • Manipulation of data is not allowed.
  • It’s a big risk for scheduled back-ups and other time-sensitive procedures if dates are tampered with.
There is however no reason to panic.

Way forward:
  • If the period is still in 2021/06 and transactions still need to be captured in this period, the required ‘Tran Date’, ‘Doc Date’, ‘Capture Date’ (in June) should just be entered when the transaction is captured.
The transactions will post to the 2021/06 period with the captured date stamp and display as such on all reporting.
  • The Cashiers Calendar can (and should) already be in 2021/07, as it runs on a separate calendar and provision has been made for the prior period and current period receipts.  (Kindly also refer to 7.2.10 Release Notes and for further details to the downloadable document)

The year-end procedure manual has been attached for ease of reference.

Year-end Procedures Manual 7.3.4 v3

Please contact [email protected] for any queries.
Kind regards,

Munsoft Team

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