Munsoft Matters: New CaseWare mSCOA Version Released

Dear Munsoft client,
Munsoft would like to draw your attention to the new CaseWare version that was launched recently, namely the Caseware mSCOA Version.  This version is currently used by a few clients with great success.  
Some of the main differences between the previous version and the new mSCOA version:
•    Importing from Munsoft / Excel is not used anymore.  The NT strings will now be imported into CaseWare directly.
•    Manual mapping falls away since all accounting records are linked directly to the strings.
The advantages of the new version are the following:
•    Balance sheet in line with NT alignment.
•    More accurate cash flow and in line with NT alignment.
We as Munsoft would like to assist you as our client with the new Caseware mSCOA version with the following:
•    Doing the rollover of the file.
•    Creating the setup of the file including imports, alignment, and Vote structure on CaseWare.
•    Providing you with one C-schedule for the year (July or August).
•    Providing you with the complete setup so that you can use the file going forward.
For any queries or further assistance please contact your respective Service Delivery Manager (SDM).
This e-mail was sent to the Municipal Manager and CFO, Budget Officer, Finance Manager, and mSCOA Champ, of all Munsoft Municipalities. If you have received this e-mail, do share internally at your Municipality with other relevant staff members.
Kind Regards,
Munsoft Team

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