MUNSOFT MATTERS: Munsoft Release 7.4.3

Dear Client,
Kindly take note that Munsoft Version 7.4.3 will be released early May 2022.
This will be the last major release for the current financial year, which includes multiple new features across various modules as well as features specifically designed to assist with Financial Year-End Procedures.
Some of the features planned for this release, are the following:
Fixed Assets
  • An enhanced capitalisation process from the WIP Register
  • Multiple funding on asset capitalisation
  • Impairment Reversal
  • Additional capture fields on the Asset Register
Consumer Debtors
  • Period 13/14
  • Period 13/14
  • Trade discount enhancements
  • Enhancements on Project Invoices
  • More streamlined integration between Contract Management and Supply Chain Management/Procurement/Project Invoices
General Ledger
  • Automated journal capitalizing Water Inventory Expenses
Supply Chain Management
  • Standard Reports
  • Integration with Contract Management
  • Delegation of Authority and Authorisation by Groups
Detailed release notes and further communication will be sent in due course.

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