Munsoft Matters: mSCOA Chart version 6.6 Going Live

Dear Munsoft Client,
Kindly take note of communication below sent by National Treasury on 25 March 2022:
“Kindly be advised that version 6.6 of the mSCOA chart will go live on Friday, 25 March 2022.  In line with the prescripts of the MFMA and MBRR,  municipalities must align their tabled 2022/23 MTREF budgets to the mSCOA version 6.6 chart.
From 1 April 2022, municipalities must upload their data strings and relevant documents using the GoMuni Upload Portal at the following link:
Guidance on the data string and document requirements for the tabled and adopted budgets are provided in MFMA Circulars No. 112 (dated 06 December 2021) and 115 (dated 04 March 2022).
The key benefits of the GoMuni portal is that:

  • Municipalities will have access to their own data;
  • Relevant stakeholders in the local government space such as provincial treasuries, STATSSA, the Reserve Bank, NERSA, CoGTA, AGSA and SARS will have access to municipal documentation submitted to the portal, eliminating the duplication of effort; and
  • The turn-around time to reflect data/documents submitted is same day.

Importantly, municipalities must update their contact details and ensure that the officials uploading the information are listed on National Treasury’s Contacts Input Form. All users must also change their passwords before 1 April 2022 if they have not done so as yet. Existing users received several emails in this regard. Any queries in this regard must be submitted via email to [email protected].
It should also be noted that the contact sheet of the regulated A, B and C Schedules requires the ID numbers and contact details of key officials and politicians. In terms of the Protection of Personal Information (POPI) Act, municipalities are advised to leave the field for ID numbers blank on the contact sheet of the regulated A, B and C Schedules. This field will be removed in subsequent versions of the Schedules. The field for ID numbers has also been removed from National Treasury’s Contacts Input Form.
However, the contact details provided on the regulated Schedules and Contacts Input Form should be official cell numbers and email addresses and not personal contact details. These contact details are available to stakeholders on the Local Government Database as it is currently the most reliable source of contact information for key officials and politicians.”
For any queries or assistance please contact Munsoft Support at [email protected] or your respective Service Delivery Manager.
Kind Regards,

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