Munsoft Matters: MFMA Budget Circular No. 116 - 26 April 2022

Dear Munsoft Client,
Attached please find MFMA Circular No.116 pertaining to funding, reporting and monitoring of expenditure and procurement matters relating to the national disaster that was declared in terms section 27(1) of the Disaster Management Act, 2002 following the severe weather events and the subsequent damage caused in various provinces.
MFMA Circular No. 117, also attached, provides guidance on the reporting framework and template to use for any procurement of goods and services in response to the national disaster.
All municipalities and municipal entities affected by the flood disaster are requested to report procurement transactions to alleviate, contain or minimise the effects of the disaster, every Friday effective 13 May 2022.
The first report, due 13 May 2022, must include all transactions since the beginning of the disaster up to 13 May 2022 and then weekly thereafter.
The completed templates must be submitted to the National Treasury by email to [email protected], every Friday effective 13 May 2022.
The template can be found attached for easy reference.
Disaster Response - Procurement Reporting Template - 29042022

MFMA Budget Circular No. 116 - 26 April 2022 (final).pdf

MFMA SCM Circular No. 117 - 04 05 2022. PDF

For any queries please contact [email protected] or your respective Service Delivery Manager.
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