Munsoft Matters: LG Database Connection Errors (02 February 2021)

Dear Munsoft Client,
National Treasury informed us of connection errors experienced on the Local Government Database.
If your municipality needs to submit any documents then the following steps can be taken as stipulated by National Treasury:

  1. Use google chrome (not internet explorer) since it is thus far still allows connections. In the warning message displayed, click on the Advanced link, then on Proceed to (unsafe)
It must be noted that the connection strength might not be normal and colleagues will at times loose connection.
  1. All data strings must be sent directly to one of the database team members listed below:
  1. Continue to use [email protected] for all the S71 verification sign off and other documents.
  2. Request quarterly reports for their quarterly provincial memos by sending an email detailing required reports to [email protected]

On behalf of the National Treasury we apologies for any inconvenience and ask municipalities to still submit their required reports within due time using the options above.
Thank you for your understanding.
Kind Regards,

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