Munsoft Matters: Final (ORGB) Budget

Dear Munsoft Client,
Munsoft would like to remind all municipalities of the 2021/22 final approved budget due by the end of May 2021. Article 24.(1) of the MFMA indicates that the Municipal Council must consider the annual budget at least 30 days before starting the new (2021/22) budget year. 
Electronic copies must be submitted in pdf format to the LG upload portal or [email protected] as per MFMA Budget Circular No. 108 in 2021/22. Note hard copies of these documents are no longer permitted. The records include budget-related items such as Integrated Development Plan, Service Delivery Budget and Implementation Plan, Annual Financial Statements, and the municipality's Annual Reports.
Munsoft has a solution available to make the budgeting & monthly reporting process possible and easier for our clients. Our solution can produce the PDF budget schedules, specifically the A1-Schedule for Final Budget, as well as the B Schedules and monthly C-Schedules as per NT requirements. 
Note support is limited to usage of the module to self-generate and extract the A1 Schedules and not fixing any data string alignment, balancing of cash flow, or any other budgetary related issues. Should you require assistance from our Consulting team with the final budget, please note the following lead times for budget assistance requests:

  1. Requests received on or before Friday 21 May 2021 will require 5 workdays lead time.
  2. Requests received after the above date will only be processed from 01 June 2021 and will require 10 workdays lead time.
  3. We handle requests on a first-come, first-serve basis.
We would like to wish all our clients the best for this challenging period that lies ahead. Munsoft there to support and aid you.
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