Munsoft Matters: Closing Of The Local Government Database And Reporting System For The FY 2019/20


Dear Munsoft Client, 
Communication sent by National Treasury on 23 July 2020 has reference.
Please take note that the Local Government Database was locked on 30 July 2020(Yesterday) for any submissions relating to the 2019/20 financial period.
The Period 13 to 15 documents are the only documents that will remain open for submission relating to the 2019/20 financial period.

Click here to download the complete PDF version of the National Treasury Communication. 
- National Treasury Communication 23 July 2020
For any queries or further assistance please contact your respective Service Delivery Manager (SDM).
This e-mail was sent to the Municipal Manager and CFO of all Munsoft Municipalities. If you have received this e-mail, do share internally at your Municipality with other relevant staff members.
Kind Regards
Munsoft Team

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