Munsoft Matters: 6.6 mSCOA CHART CHANGES

Dear Munsoft Client,
Munsoft takes note of the recent communication sent by National Treasury regarding the changes to the mSCOA Chart version 6.6.
Attached is the presentation to the mSCOA Steering Committee and comparison between version 6.5 and 6.6 as communicated by National Treasury.

Version 6.6 Chart changes - 02 Nov 2021.ppt 
List of amendments - 02 Nov 2021.xlsx

Munsoft is in the process of testing the 6.6 mSCOA Chart changes and will be in contact if there are any action required from your municipality.
The 6.6 mSCOA Chart with changes and linkages will be officially released in December 2021 as part of the MFMA Circular on the preparation of the 2022/23 MTREF budget.
Please contact [email protected] for any queries.
Kind Regards,

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