Munsoft Matters: 2021/22 MTREF REPORTING - A, B & C SCHEDULES

Dear Munsoft Client,
Munsoft Matters sent on 30 April 2021 has reference.
We are aware that some of our clients struggled with the process around producing the A1 Schedules for the 2021/22 MTREF from Caseware.
We have been working for a while on solutions to make the budgeting & monthly reporting process easier for our clients and have subsequently developed solutions capable of producing the PDF budget schedules, specifically the A & B Schedules, as well as monthly C-Schedules (available from July 2021) as per NT requirement.
The intention was not to replace Caseware, but if you are one of the clients that struggled, please contact your Service Delivery Manager and request that we assist you with our alternate solution in order to produce the A1 Schedules accurately and on time for the final budget.
Please also be reminded that the organogram setup must be done on the Munsoft system.
For detailed steps on how to do this setup, please refer to pages 20 – 21 of the attached manual.

If you have any queries on the above or require assistance with the budget preparations, please reach out to your respective Service Delivery Manager and we will gladly assist.
Kind Regards,

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