Munsoft Matters: 2021/2022 MTREF ADJUSTMENTS BUDGET DUE 28/02/2022

Dear Munsoft Client,
Kindly take note of the 28 February 2022 due date for the 2021/2022 Adjustment Budget to be completed and submitted to National and Provincial Treasury.
MFMA Regulations and Circular guidance to take into account when completing the 2021/22 Adjustment Budget documents include:

  • Ensure a funded Adjustment Budget is compiled from realistic anticipated revenues to be collected to comply with Section 18 of the MFMA
  • 2021/22 B-Schedule to be submitted in PDF format

Any queries or assistance required when compiling the Adjustment Budget can be communicated to [email protected] or please contact your respective Service Delivery Manager.
For Municipalities that requested assistance from Munsoft Advisory via a Quotation or Schedule N agreement and not yet signed the agreement, please take into consideration the timeframe that is left to complete the 2021/22 Adjustment Budget before due date.
Kind Regards,

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