Munsoft Matters: 2020/21 AUDIT mSCOA Data Strings Analysis

Dear Munsoft Client,
Kindly take note that National and Provincial Treasury are currently reviewing the LG Database to ensure the 2020 Restated Audited figures (RAUD) and 2021 Audited Actuals (AUDA) are successfully uploaded, to ensure the data is credible and reconcile with the audited AFS.
It is important that correct and accurate audit data strings are submitted on the LG Database as the mSCOA data strings are the sole source of data for the Annual Local Government Finance and Financial Management Report issued by National Treasury.
Municipalities are therefore requested to:

  1. Submit their outstanding audit data strings (2020 RAUD and 2021 AUDA) to the GoMuni Upload Portal;
  2. Submit their outstanding AFS to the GoMuni Upload Portal; and
  3. Ensure that the 2019/20 restated (RAUD) and 2020/21 audited (AUDA) mSCOA data strings that were submitted are accurate and reconcile to the audited AFS.

Any outstanding or updated RAUD and AUDA data strings should be uploaded on the GoMuni Upload Portal by 04 July 2022.
Thereafter, National Treasury will lock the figures on the LGDRS for publication purposes. 
Please also note that it is not allowed to open prior periods that have been closed on financial systems to correct the errors or misalignment with the AFS.
The appropriate period 14 and 15 should be used to correct any misalignments if any.
If you have any questions, please contact [email protected] or your respective Service Delivery Manager.
Kind Regards,

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