Munsoft Matters: 2020/2021 LG Database Submissions

Dear Munsoft Client,
Munsoft would like to remind all municipalities to submit their 2020/2021 Financial and Non-Financial data on the LG Database as soon as possible.
This includes the submission of the 2020/2021 Special Adjustments Budget ADJB data strings and COVID-19 related submissions.
The due date for submission of Quarter 1 data strings was 14 October 2020 and the LG Database will be locked soon, this means that no further submissions for Quarter 1 will be allowed.
Munsoft recently had a meeting with National Treasury and Mr. Hattingh where it was made clear that any non-submission will have an effect on the December Equitable Share.
Please contact your respective Service Delivery Manager if any municipality requires assistance with documents to submit.
Kind Regards,

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