Munsoft Matters: 2020/2021 Adjustment Budget due February 2021

Dear Munsoft Client,
The 2020/2021 Adjustment Budget is upon us and is due by 28 February 2021.
Please take note again of mSCOA Circular No. 11 that provides appropriate guidance regarding the Fund segment and Balance Sheet Budgeting.

Click here to download the complete PDF version of the below documents: 
mSCOA Circular No. 11 - 04 December 2020

The appropriate use of the fund segment and complete Balance Sheet Budgeting during 2020/2021 Adjustments Budget will assist in accurate Cash Flow Statement Reporting which is essential to the Funded Budget Assessment.
For any queries regarding mSCOA Circular No 11 or assistance during the Adjustments Budget process, please contact your respective Service Delivery Manager and we will gladly assist.
Kind Regards,

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