Munsoft Matters: 2020/2021 Adjustment Budget

Dear Munsoft Client,

Communication sent by National Treasury on 24 August 2020 has reference.

Munsoft would like to remind municipalities that according to Section 28(2)(b) of the Municipal Finance Management Act, 2003 (Act No. 56 of 2003)(MFMA) municipalities must adjust their 2020/21 MTREF Budgets to account for the revised funding allocations that were made available for COVID-19 expenditure.

National Treasury informed that the due date for the 2020/21 Adjustments Budget to be adopted by Council is 30 September 2020 and the 2021 ADJB data strings to be uploaded on the LG Database within 10 working days after the adjustments budget has been adopted by Council. If any municipality adopted an unfunded 2020/21 budget, this Adjustment budget can also be used to correct their budgets.

If any municipality requires assistance in completing the Adjustments budget in due time, their respective Service Delivery Manager can be contacted for a quotation. For clients that have signed up for Consulting assistance under our Schedule-N agreement for the current financial year, this budget assistance is already included in the service offering.

Click here to download the complete PDF version of the below document: 
2020/2021 Adjustment Budget_24 August 2020

This e-mail was sent to the Municipal Manager and CFO, Budget Officer, Finance Manager, and mSCOA Champ, of all Munsoft Municipalities. If you have received this e-mail, do share internally at your Municipality with other relevant staff members.
Kind Regards
Munsoft Team

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