Munsoft Matters: 2019/20 AUDIT DATA STRINGS ANALYSIS

Dear Munsoft Client,
Munsoft recently received communication from National Treasury indicating that a detailed analysis will be performed on the restated (RAUD) for 2018/19  and audited actuals (AUDA) for 2019/20 data strings to ensure the correctness and credibility of audit and restated data strings submitted by municipalities.
This analysis will be performed in order to publish a state of local government finance report for all municipalities and to ensure the data published is accurate and complete.
National Treasury, therefore, requires all municipalities to have uploaded their 2019 RAUD and 2020 AUDA data strings successfully on the LG Database and that the documents uploaded contains all the relevant updates to ensure the data strings correspond with the 2019/20 Annual Financial Statements submitted.
The process National Treasury will follow to ensure that the AUDA is credible and aligned to the 2019/20 AFS is: (Referenced text)

  1. Both national (for non-delegated municipalities) and provincial (for delegated municipalities) treasuries are required to analyse the audit data strings to ensure that the data is credible and aligns to the audited AFS. The standard methodology to analyse data strings that all Treasuries were trained on must be used for this purpose; 
  2. NT and PTs must correspond with municipalities where corrections need to be effected; and
  3. Municipalities will be required to correct errors identified and resubmit the corrected restated (RAUD) for 2018/19/audit (AUDA) for 2019/20 data strings to the LG Upload Portal. Municipalities are not allowed to open prior periods that have been closed for corrections.
  4. The final deadline for the completion of this exercise is 23 July 2021.  National Treasury will lock the figures on the LGDRS for publication purposes. 

Municipalities that have not uploaded their 2019 RAUD or 2020 AUDA successfully on the LG Database will be contacted via their respective Service Delivery Managers to ensure the documents are uploaded in due time.
Kind Regards,

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