Munsoft and Novus3 Partnership

Munsoft is proud and excited to announce that we have concluded a transaction through our Holdings company ITNA with Novus3.

This transaction has been a long time in the making. We have been working with Novus3 as a partner for a couple of years and identified the tremendous value, benefit and potential we can unlock if we work more closely together. 

The key reasoning was that Novus3, with its wealth of industry knowledge and the CP3 system, effectively brings another portion of "e-IDP" to our clients, which we deem vital to the annual capital planning, prioritisation, budgeting, and implementation tracking process. 

Through our combined efforts, we believe that we'll succeed in our vision of partnering with municipalities to be the best run in the world and our mission for solutions that MATTER. We aim to change South Africa, Africa, and the World.

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