Munsoft Matters 2019/20 and 2020/21 MTREF Reporting

Dear Municipality, 
During this testing and unprecedented time of COVID-19 and levels of Nationwide lockdown we understand that municipalities are doing everything in their power to continue working from home, meeting deadlines and ensure service delivery to stimulate the economy, therefore Munsoft would like to communicate some due dates regarding National Treasury reporting that will be important to keep in mind.
Munsoft does take note of the Exemption Notice issued by the Minister of Finance on the 30th of March 2020, but please take note that this is a conditional exemption notice and that all possible alternative measures should be taken, without a positive outcome, for the exemption notice to take effect.

National Treasury Reporting

Due Date

2020/21 Tabled Budget and IDP

31 March 2020

2020/21 Original Budget and IDP

31 May 2020

Section 71 Monthly Actuals

10 Working days after month-end

2020 Special Adjustment Budget (if applicable)                         

15 June 2020

Take note that Quarter 3 financial and non-financial reporting will soon be closed for upload on the LG Database and therefore encourage all municipalities to upload all outstanding documents for periods January to March 2020 as soon as possible.
For any queries or further assistance do contact your respective Service Delivery Manager (SDM).

This e-mail was sent to the CFO, Manager Budget and Reporting of all Munsoft Municipalities. If you have received this e-mail, do share internally at your Municipality with other relevant staff members.

Kind Regards
Munsoft Team

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